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The first interview at Mourning Goats was published on October 1st, 2010, but where the site stems from starts much earlier. Believe it or not, the site actually started as a daily column about life. I saw the movie Marley and Me (don't judge! ha ha) and decided that I could start my own column called Morning Oats, and publish something short every morning before work. Two things happened, 1. MorningOats.blogspot.com was taken and 2. I read MourningGoats.blogspot.com after typing it and laughed about what a ridiculous name that would be. After a few weeks of morning posts, I gave up on the column, but still wanted to use the name. I doodled a goat at work. Asked a few authors that I knew if they wanted to interview. And Mourning Goats author interviews was born.

One thing that I wanted from the beginning was my own anonymity. While, the authors know who I am after their interviews are completed, I want the readers of the site to focus on the talent of the authors work and answers, not my name.

If you're interested in getting an interview, please send me an email at mourninggoats@gmail.com and I'll see what I can do.

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  1. I cannot wait for "Chewing the Page" to be published! I am going to keep an eye out so I can procure my copy as soon as it is available. Keep up the interesting topics and I know the readers will follow!